Ochrona Security

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icon Manage your open source dependencies at every step in your SDLC.


Your code's life begins in an IDE, so why wouldn't you protect it there? Ochrona offers IDE plugins for Microsoft's VS Code, with additional support coming soon. You can leverage Ochrona's powerful analytical capabilities before you ever push.

Command Line

Flexibility is important to us, that's why we also offer all of our capabilities as a cli tool, giving you the ability to use Ochrona wherever you need it.

CI/CD Integrations

Ochrona offers powerfully simple integrations into most major CI/CD tools, including Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI, Github, Gitlab and more.

Deployed Application Dependency Alerting

We know your dependencies don't just go away once that deploy is ✅. That's why we offer an industry first, active monitoring on all of your deployed applications so you'll know about newly discovered vulnerabilities in your applications before your next deploy.

Python Icon

Singularly focused on python.

We're passionate about python, and we know you are too. That's why we're singularly focused on providing the most complete solution for your python projects. One size does not fit all.

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About Us

Ochrona Security is focused on python security, open source dependency analysis, and making the management of these easier for companies and developers.

We're based in Chicago, IL USA.