Empower DevSecOps by Securing Python Dependencies

Ochrona is a leader in open-source Python dependency management. From source and build through deployment and beyond, Ochrona secures dependencies and checks licensing compliance in your Python applications.
Pre-import analysis
CI/CD Integrations
Post deployment analysis

Built by Python Developers, For Python Developers

Ochrona secures Python dependencies in software applications.  If you're a python shop, let's talk.
Public Python packages available
Python developers around the globe

Add projects from any source.

Scan dependencies for vulnerabilities.

Check license usage against industry standards.

Integrate into every step of the SDLC.


Check dependencies for vulnerabilities as you type import.

Our VS-code plugin allow you to check package installs for vulnerabilities in real time.

Command Line Interface

Utilize Ochrona via a simple, text-based command that can be run in an ad-hoc fashion or included in scripts, allowing for simple integration into automated build processes on a variety of platforms (Jenkins, Travis CI, Circle CI, Github, Gitlab).

Deployed Application Dependency Analysis

Register your projects before release and become alerted when dependencies become vulnerable while deployed  in production.

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Embed security within your development lifecycle

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